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Litte did I know that Instant Backlink Magic would sell over 300 copies in less than 24 hours releasing it at WarriorForum and ending up selling well over 2,000+ copies in one week making my early affiliates over $14,000+ in pure commisions and $3,000 in upsells... and now you too can take your share of it!

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Mike... You Are...CRAZY!

I get this a lot.

“Mike? How are you allowing your affiliates to make MORE money than you… Isn’t that unfair?”

I always feel horned when I get throw statements like these.


Because I care about my affiliates and I always want to squeeze out the last pennies for my affiliates.

With an exclusive lifetime affiliate seat you are one push of an email button away from promoting the hottest selling backlink tool and making well over $35 per sale with monthly recurring commissions in the process...

So... What It’s All About?

Of course I don't expect you to promote something you don't know anything about, so let me tell you exactly what Instant Backlink Magic is.

Over the years I have fine-tuned my backlink strategies down to an exact formula and software.

The software, Instant Backlink Magic, finds unlimited fresh high PR, non-spammed and relevant EDU & Dofollow backlinks with a push of an button. Including with the software is also an 7 Days To Backlink Domination eBook that teaching you how to use Instant Backlink Magic to increase your rankings in 7 days or less + inside secrets of the "big-online-gangsters” who are making an living out of ranking and profiting websites.

So now you know what it’s all about and how Instant Backlink Magic will create you massive profits by promoting this on your website, to your list or any other possible way to promote this... Let’s talk business.

Instant Backlink Magic has been converting at astronomical rates, and I have seen EPC's as high as $4 and conversions at almost %20 (steady conversions at %15). The feedback has been amazing so you are making a wise decision in promoting Instant Backlink Magic and becoming an affiliate!

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