Backlink Building 101: How To Build Quality and Relevant Backlinks

What is the most essential thing that your website should have, in order to fetch better rankings in Google and get better visibility?

Backlinks are the links to your website from other websites. If the website which homes the URL to your site or blog is a high pagerank one, then the backlink is said to be a quality backlink.

Search engines like Google consider your link or website’s content or relevance as well as the quality of the page which links your URL. Anchor text is of high importance to determine whether the backlinks are quality backlinks. Anchor text includes the words used to link your website to another website. Most often, anchor text is underlined or is present in a different colour to attract attention and to indicate the presence of a link.

1# One Way Backlinks:

Quality backlinks are of different types. One way links are the most valued type of backlinks. They indicate that a webmaster has found relevant content in your website and wants to share it further on the Internet, or in other words, one way links are said to be the process by which other websites link your website without you linking them back.

2# Reciprocal Links

The second significant backlink building method is reciprocal links generation in which two webmasters agree to trade links. This is a widely practiced method. When the websites in question are relevant and are of reasonable pageranks, it is highly beneficial in building quality backlinks. Reciprocal links no longer have the prominent impact on SERP that they used to have at one point of time. But, still they do have an importance in Search Engine Optimization.

3# Three-Way Backlinks

The third type of building quality backlinks is by three-way or other dubious link schemes. In three-way linking, one website links to another and a third site links back to the first website. This, in turn, gives a feel as if one-way backlinks exist between all the websites or blogs. Major traffic in either of these websites will ultimately work in favor of the other two less significant or less pageranked websites.

An important thing to ensure is that if the backlink you are creating is of no significance or usefulness to internet users, then you and your intentions would be dubbed as that of a spammer. On the other hand, if the content of your website is unique, informative, or both, there are high chances that the rankings of the website may get improved in the coming days.

4# Backlinks From Article Directories & Web Directories

Another strategy to create high-quality backlinks is by writing articles and posting them in article directories while obtaining a link back to your website. The best article directories carefully decide on the quality of your website or webpage. Quality backlinks can also be created by posting in web directories as they can be a rich source of one-way backlinks.

Summing up the best way of building backlinks

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